Shincheonji: The Principle of Shincheonji

According to Shincheonji’s teachings, Lee Man-hee, the group’s chief, is the New Testament’s assured warrior. Shincheonji’s adherents are convinced that only Lee is worthy of deciphering many of the hidden meanings in the Book of Revelation. Before launching the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Lee was a part of the Olive Tree, a contentious association. Shincheonji’s adherents conclude that simply they may be stored as the time comes for the final judgment. They believe the non-members of their congregation would be denied repentance and killed by the end of the time.

Shincheonji is an imminent and messianic formation. The cult was chiefly labeled mainly as a doomsday cult. Lee Man-hee, the team’s founder and founder, is indeed a self-proclaimed savior. The group’s followers consult with Lee as”Chairman Lee,””that the chairman,””the promised priest,””the guy who overcomes,” or”the supporter.” Shincheonji devotees are convinced that chief Lee Man-hee holds the ability of the restored Jesus Christ. The community members frequently assert that the Bible, especially the Book of Revelation, consists of hidden meanings that only Lee can decode.

Shincheonji’s followers claim that Lee would utilize the 144,000 sealed disciples to testify to this universe the unveiled word on the Day of Judgment. They say the 144,000 sealed followers will form the”Multitude of White,” which will accompany Lee Man-hee into Heaven. On the other hand, the party was suspected of recruiting recruits by deceiving proselytizing and violent tactics. Many Shincheonji supporters conceal their affiliation with the organization.

Whenever it comes to the mainstream of South Korean culture, Shincheonji has a bad reputation. The negative standing is primarily due to interviews with outspoken ex-members in the papers. Ex-members have clarified the business as a dangerous and clandestine cult. Because of this, certain participants of these organizations disguise their membership in order to prevent public humiliation and bigotry. Shincheonji is considered heretical by conventional Christian religions, despite the group’s claims it’s not a clandestine and malicious cult. The party was one of South Korea’s quickest faith groups.

A lot of men and women who join Shincheonji are often zealots, stopping their schools or employment from the process. Ever since being fanatics, members devote their focus on proselytizing. From the beginning, all Shincheonji followers are instructed to incorporate particular meanings, which they assume were created by Lee. They state, for example, that the word’bird’ simply means’Holy Spirit and that the phrase’tree’ stands for’church.’ As a result, Shincheonji’s disciples utilize those interpretations to decode passages from the book of Revelation. They’re certain that they’re the ones capable of deciphering the clues revealed in the Book of Revelation. The party believes its philosophies to be equivalent to all other concepts established in the past 6,000 years.

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