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All Mekong Creations products are handmade by village women from rural areas in Vietnam and Cambodia. This work allows the women to care for their families as they work together in groups close to home. The products make use of natural and recycled materials wherever possible and are checked to ensure high quality standards, before being introduced to Mekong Creations outlets.

Our product designs are generated from a number of sources – our professional trainers, brand supporters, professional designers, customers and of course the women themselves. Mekong Creations seeks to blend traditional and locally inspired design features with modern and global design to create unique products. Our products combine affordability with quality, technical proficiency and consideration for the local environment.

Note: prices are for our shops in Cambodia and Vietnam. For terms and costs for other destinations please contact us, we answer very quickly!

Our criteria for selecting products

Mekong Plus has focused on employment creation since its inception, in 1993. We have tried many products, many approaches, and sometimes learned lessons the hard way. One brilliant success is Mekong Quilts. Another is our partnership with Terre d'Oc (France). Today we filter the new ideas through the following 4 criteria:

  1. labour intensive, low capital. Mekong Plus excels in training poor women in remote areas, help them to work in groups and overcome internal conflicts.
  2. Sophisticated, technical, evolutive. The Khmer and the Vietnamese are smart and quick. When they see a good idea, they want to follow suit, the "me-too" approach. If Mekong Plus wants to create sustainable employment, it must make sure it has a clear advantage also in the long term to keep competition at bay.
  3. Target foreign customers. As an international development organization, Mekong Plus can attract volunteers from Australia, Japan etc. who are happy to contribute for a development program; they would not do it for a merely business company. With foreign volunteers we have a clear advantage to attract foreign customers.
  4. Products giving a good profit. We also follow strict rules like not to exploit children, pay a fair salary to all producers and staff etc. And we have many development programs to fund.

Tour our photo gallery for a an extensive view of the many products.

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