How to unhide folders in windows 10: Make the hidden files visible

Hidden files on windows 10 computer are files which are invisible to the users. There are many reasons why Microsoft windows 10 hide specific files from the viewers. It might be because of the bigger size of the files, the virus infecting the computer, or other privacy reasons. The computer files remain hidden so that it can protect the important files from being deleted by the system or prevent any damage. However, there are times when you need to view hidden files and folders. People can view the hidden files even though it stays hidden on the computers.

How to unhide folders in windows 10 is one major question which people are always confused about using windows 10. The files in windows 10 hide for a reason, and at times, it is best if people keep the hidden file hidden by default. Changing such files can create problems, but if people need to unhide it, people can do so, and unhiding a folder or file is easy and also less time-consuming. People can get access to various ways How to unhide folders in windows 10.

By turning a single tool or following certain options, people can unhide the folders easily. People can also view the hidden folders with the help of a file explorer. File explorer is readily available, and it is also the easiest way for people on How to unhide folders in windows 10. By using file explorer, people can view all the folders which remain hidden. The hidden folders or files become visible to people’s screens or desktops. Viewing hidden files or folder is easy and straightforward, and people don’t need a complicated tool or method to make the hidden files visible.

All people need is to open the folder on their computer screen and launch the file explorer. Once people click on the view tab, there is a hidden items option. Thus, by clicking on it, people can easily select and view the hidden folders available on people’s computers. People also have the option to move the hidden folder to another folder.

People can change their hidden folders on their Windows 10 computers and make any changes by changing the settings. People who face such problems and have no thoughts for the first time need not worry. They can find a solution on How to unhide folders in windows 10 and see what they need to view hidden folders.

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